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If you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt – only love


Mirza – Sahiban is a tragic love story that finds resonance in tales such as Romeo and Juliet,  Laila & Majnu.

As per the legend of Mirza Sahiban – following the opposition to their love from Sahiban’s brothers and tribe, Mirza elopes with Sahiban on the night of her wedding. Hot on their heels is a posse of Sahiban’s brothers and fiancé on a hundred horses. Riding for days & nights, the lovers decide to take a little rest under a tree for the night.

Mirza sleeps but Sahiban has a dream – Mirza, the greatest archer born, kills all her beloved brothers. In a cathartic moment, she takes out Mirza’s arrows while he is asleep and breaks them. The posse arrives; Mirza is shot at and left to die in the desert wondering why Sahiban betrayed him.

In Mirzya, the tale reverberates and echoes, in contemporary Rajasthan, in India. Soochi, daughter of a Traditional Rajasthani, now the Commissioner  of Police, is all set to marry Karan.

Karan is also lovingly called Prince as he is a blue blood and son of the yesteryears Maharaja of Udaipur.  The fragrances of an era gone by that’s floats over the contemporary desert state of enchanting Rajasthan, where the grand palaces and forts have been converted to luxury hotels & resorts. The sweeping country scapes are the background for animal & desert safaris, where the exotic and colourful tradition of music fills the air.

The balance of Soochi’s perfect universe is upset by the arrival of Adil Mirza, a mere stable boy in the Royal household and their heritage hotels. A strange and inexplicable force draws her to him and throws both of them into a dangerous conflict that was designed by fate in their childhood. Afterall as a kid Adil Mirza had taken a life for her a crime of passion.

The legend of Mirza-Sahiban plays out in a fantastical universe filled with horseback archery and action packed sequences in the larger than life visual scapes.  The present day story plays out on the best location on earth the faces of the characters.

These two worlds are bridged by a third world Loharon ki Gali (a dessert settlement of blacksmiths). The film is narrated musically by a group of nomadic blacksmiths who sing, dance and narrate in verse. The narrators of the legend of Mirza-Sahiban become spectators to a present day legend that unfolds.

“There is a story & then there’s the real story, then there’s the story of how the story came to be told. Then there is what you leave out of the story, which is part of the story too.”

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Videos + Jukebox

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Title Track

Teen Gawah


Chakora Promo (video)

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Cast + Crew


Harshvardan Kapoor
Saiyami Kher
Anuj Choudhry
Anjali Patil
Art Malik
Om Puri
K.K. Raina




Director … Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
Writer … Gulzar
Producer … Rohit Khattar, P.S. Bharathi, Rajiv Tandon
Director of Photography … Pawel Dyllus
Editor … P.S. Bharathi
Music … Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Costume Designer … Leepakshi Ellawadi, Samidha Wangnoo, Niharika Khan


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